IN\OUT FESTIVAL august, 2020

EXP_7 Flechas» is an inter-media performance that envolved sound art, improvisation, speak poetry, and movement. 5 artists from multiple backgrounds will use as references, botany, and Afro-Brazilian and indigenous religions, in their daily dimension understood as resistance, since it is inseparable from life, nature, and spatiality.


Edbrass conversa com Paula Chaves Edbrass sobre a participação do Ciclo de Música Contemporânea  no IN/OUT Festival

Bahian Vibrations 

Links Hall - Chicago (Dance and Music Improvisation Session

First Set:
Edbrass Brasil
Inaê Moreira
Quin Kirchner
Bryonna Young
Angel Bat Dawid
Second Set:
Ken Vandermark
Candai Calmon
Keisha Bennet
Ben Lamar Gay
Jason Roebke
Jenn Freeman 

Water Music on the Beach ( Festival Chicago -2019) 

Chicago Tribune

Time Out Magazine

Edbrass meets Rob Frye and Kim Alpert 

Magazine \ New Art Examiner 

Chicago Reader - Edbrass discuss about Walter Smetak and contemporary musical scene in Salvador - Bahia

The Visualist Magazine - Edbrass at Comfort Society

Entrevista com Angel Bat Dawid falando sobre sua trajetória, sua passagem por Salvador em janeiro de 2020 e a colaboração com Edbrass. 

Tusk Festival Interviews

Edbrass and Ben spoke about their musical upbringing, the space for experimental music in Salvador and the roots of Chicago's musical culture, sharing references for a hyperlinked knowledge of place. 

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jazz right now! Theres no space fo us TRANSITION EAST 7" 

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About the collaboration between Edbrass, Romulo Alexis, Ben LaMar Gay, Nancy Viégas, Germano Estácio and Angel Bat Dawid released by International Anthem


CLOSE TO THERE- SALVADOR- CHICAGO 2019-2020 \ Sixty Inches From Center PRESENTS Edbrass Brasil And Ben LaMar Gay

Edbrass Brasil and Ben LaMar Gay are both participants in "Perto de Lá <> Close to There," an artist exchange program organized by Projeto Ativa in Salvador, Comfort Station in Chicago and Harmonipan in Mexico City and Salvador. The program brings a multi-disciplinary group of artists from Salvador to Chicago between August 9th and 19th, and takes a group from Chicago to Bahia in February 2020. In advance of the start of the program, Sixty Inches from Center I moderated three conversations between artists on either side of the exchange.

Over a few weeks preceding the start of the program, the artists had a chance to get to know each other through a contemporary platform for remote collaboration: Google Docs. Edbrass and Ben spoke about their musical upbringing, the space for experimental music in Salvador and the roots of Chicago's musical culture, sharing references for a hyperlinked knowledge of place.

Enjoy the interview here!

Festival Novas Frequencias 2016 (Guilherme Wernek - Bravo Magazine)

"One of the festival's most entertaining and musically rich moments was the second show on Tuesday. João Meirelles, Edbrass Brasil, and Romulo Alexis begin together, each with a bladder in his hand, drawing a sound from the air that escapes between his fingers. John then goes on to command the live electronic parabolic, Romulo goes to the trumpet and Edbrass wields a hose with a funnel mouth. From there the three depart for an impromptu furious, changing positions and instruments, taking advantage of the theatricality of homebuildings. In the middle of the show, Edbrass makes a solo spinning the hose with so much swishing that it seemed that Hermeto was in the room. Even though it is theatrical and somewhat comical, Interregno's music is not at all banal. How well the mix of jazz, drone, folk music and electronic trio works". 

Edbrass feat. Rob Frye - Festival Aural

Reconece MX magazine - Esteban Hernández Tamés

To conclude my coverage of the Aural Festival, I moved to Chapultepec to Casa del Lago. The two acts of this date were presented in a beautiful place. It was a perfect day and with the lake in the background, sitting on the grass the spectators witnessed some musicians that give a very interesting turn to experimental music. Edbrass, a very smiling Brazilian, presented us with a mix of electronic and acoustic. Accompanied by two musicians, the combination of sounds similar to those we heard in Bajo Circuito with extended bow techniques and a string instrument was very interesting. The nature of the place made me perceive his music as much more intimate, in each note I understood Edbrass's intentions, as if he were telling me a story. I know that this may sound strange, but I repeat: experimental music is an experience, and it is a bit complicated to share what I experienced only with words. 

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8 artistas que no debes perderte en este Festival Aural 2016

Rockets Magazine

Festival Aural returns celebrating its 5th edition. Considered as a key piece for creative music, it presents a solid programming that will make history.
These are the 8 artists that we recommend, some are names that changed the history of music forever and that for the first time are presented in Mexico, others represent the maximum sound news; some more difficult you will be able to see them again in our country. And of course, the main invitation is to enjoy all the concerts of the festival, no matter how stuck you are in its different musical aspects, we guarantee that you will make memorable discoveries. The experience of living an Aural Festival stays forever in the memory.


Interview - Reiventing Smetak

- Goethe Institut - DAAD

The greatest Smetak's influence in my trajectory is his research with Sound Plastics and its developments in the field of musical education. Another very relevant aspect was the importance of its pioneering in the research of microtons in Brazil, besides the processes of composition based on the collective experiences of improvisation. 

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Refluxos Sonoros - Cidade do México 2016 Biblioteca Vasconcelos invites to

Workshop  "La escritura del sonido" by Edbrass Brasil

From the oral histories, taken from diverse sources, the workshop proposes an experience between the sounds, the senses and the words. By exploiting various sound objects, the participating group will assemble a small symphony for a story to be told and sound, collectively.
The workshop in one of its goals thinks about history in its many possibilities, the use of sounds produced by sound objects, sounds and prerecorded body noises, expanding the perception of the soundscape of the city and sounds as an important narrative element.

The complete session of sound and improvisation will be saved and later used as content of a web radio program, the combination of the experiences of the participants in Mexico City and Salvador.

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MUSIC, Brazilian Culture


 Salvador - Bahia, Brazil
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